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Private Chef Services 2017

Chilled Crab Salad with Lime Juice, Fish Sauce, Mint, Cilantro, Nasturtiums & Chive Flowers

It’s been a while since I last posted here and as 2016 winds down I have already begun to refine my plans for my Private Chef Services 2017. This refinement is a continuous process that strives to keep up with changes in the ways that people want to eat and entertain.

Over the years a lot of my cooking has focused on a “locavore” approach in the kitchen. I don’t think that will change, but I also want to add options for additional cuisines from around the world (Japan, Korea, India, Thailand and all of their regionally based cuisines for example).

I have also added vendors for additional products from around the world. So, in addition to locally sourced fish, shellfish, fruits, and vegetables I am also offering fish and shellfish from Japan, Hawaii, and from different parts of the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. I also have access to beef from Japan and pork from Spain as well as fruits and vegetables from all of these areas.

I also have different meal formats available, such as pig roasts and other large format animal-based meals (primal cuts of sheep, goats, beef, and pork). I am also offering more options for diners who are interested in tasting menus (of pretty much any length and theme).

The most important thing is that all of this is customized to give my clients the experience that they want to provide for themselves, their friends and loved ones. And it’s a lot of fun.

Take a look around. I have added some new photographs of recent dishes (below) and thousands of more are available.  As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions about my services.

Octopus, Shrimp & Local Bay Scallop Saladmore
Roasted Green Hubbard Squash Puree with a Warm Bacon/Shallot Vinaigrettemore
Kalbijjim--Korean-style beef stew with carrots, potatoes, onions, apples & rice cakesmore
Kimchi Stew with Tofu, Pork Belly, Rice Cakes, Scallions & Cilantromore
Controne Beans with Roasted Plum Tomatoes, 'nduja, Garden Herbs, Pecorino Cheese & Black Peppermore
Steamed Local Fluke Wrapped in Garden Spinach with Eggplant, Spicy Warm Tomato Vinaigrettemore
Prime, Dry-Aged Beef Tomahawk Steaksmore
Garden Artichokes "en Barigoule", Steamed with Aromatic Vegetables & White Winemore
Roasted Prime, Dry-Aged Beef Tomahawk Steaksmore
Roasted Garden Eggplant with Garlic, Soy Sauce, Mirin, Sesame, Scallions, Mirin & Cilantromore
Roasted Garden Eggplant with Mustard Seeds, Asafoetida, Curry Leaves, Tamarind, Green Chilies, Red Chili Powder, Onions, Ghee & Cilantromore
Grilled Garden Chicories with Garlic, Fish Sauce, Chilies & Scallionsmore
Pappa al Pomodoro with Basil Oil & Parmigiano-Reggianomore
Tuna with Lemon Confit and Fennelmore
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