A Midsummer Night’s Cooking in the Hamptons

This is my 25th season of cooking in the Hamptons during the summer. The first 23 seasons were spent in restaurant kitchens (The 1770 House, Della Femina, and cittanuova for the most part) and the last two have been in a private setting.  I could write many posts about how the worlds of private and public cooking differ, but I will save those for a book.

Here are some photos of dishes that I have been working on this summer. At some point, I will post some recipes as well. I will also note that I love cooking from the garden and, as a backup, hitting the local farmstands. The local fish are and have always been, really amazing. I will continue to showcase the local fish that we get to work with on the east end of Long Island.

Tuna with Lemon Confit and Fennel
Tomatoes Provencal
Heirloom Tomatoes with Wafu Dressing

I will update this post soon.

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